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Celebration Concert 2019

Posted: 11-Sep-2019

On 27 August, students from the College’s talented music ensembles, VCE Music Class and Elite Dance performed in a spectacular concert, ‘From OLMC to Beyond’. This event was preceded by a music camp, where 166 of our musicians perfected their notes in preparation for the gala evening. 

The concert theme enabled a focus on different cultures and destinations from around the world. The girls presented a dynamic, fast-moving and highly entertaining array of song, dance and music.

This year it was exciting and highly satisfying to have some of our media students operating three video cameras deployed around the venue. These cameras provided live feeds to a vision mixer. Another team of students operating the vision mixer chose which camera angle to use for display on a scoreboard-sized LED screen above the stage. Our ‘technicians’ behind the scenes demonstrated wonderful skills and acumen in ensuring that those on the stage were seen, heard and appreciated. 
There is no doubt that seeing performers on the large screen strengthened audience engagement and enjoyment. 

The College congratulates the girls and the performing arts staff who dedicated countless additional hours to rehearsals. Gratitude is also extended to the families who attended and who supported their daughters throughout rehearsals and practices at home. 

Each year the annual Celebration Concert seems to get bigger and better. May this perception be a reality in 2020.  Return to the Latest News


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