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Posted: 20-Nov-2018

On Monday 22 November, the Class of 2018 celebrated their last day at OLMC (prior to exams) with a Senior School Assembly, a moving and joyous Mass at the Nalleijerring Centre, and a dinner at the Melbourne Museum. The Mass and dinner events were attended by the girls’ parents and many of their teachers. 

At the graduation dinner (and earlier at the Assembly), the Year 12 students voted by their peers and staff to have demonstrated outstanding service and leadership in different aspects of College life were honoured. We acknowledge and congratulate the following award recipients: 

Alexandra Arnaboldi Duce Maria Award for Leadership
Sarah Marian Sr Mercedes Hogan Award for Learning
Lauren Szigeti Mel Shuey Award for Contribution and Spirit in Sport
Evie Acott Sr Jan Gleason Award for Performing Arts
Emma Dynes Past Pupils Award for Social Justice and Community Service
Gabrielle Kennedy Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Award for Leadership

On behalf of their cohort, College Captains Kate Cornish and Alexandra Arnaboldi proposed a vote of thanks to all who had been part of their OLMC journey.

Thank you to our our incredible teachers for your unending patience, your passion and your enthusiasm. Your dedication to your students – evident in the lunchtime meetups; the endless correcting of practice SACs and the much-needed motivational speeches – does not go unnoticed. You have brought our Year 12 cohort to where we are today. 

Our gratitude and congratulations also to Ms Weir; we hope you’ve had a wonderful first year as Principal and are feeling at home here at OLMC. 

Finally, our deepest gratitude is reserved for our fellow Duces. In 2013, we walked into Centenary Level Three as wide eyed, side pony-tailed strangers. Little did we know that six years later we’d be standing here now in front of one another as a family, ready to depart on our next big journey. 

We are confident that the inseparable bond between us and our connection to OLMC will not change. Each and every one of us will take away something from these six years because, as they say, ‘You can take the girl out of OLMC but you can’t take the OLMC out of the girl’.

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