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Oxfam School Concerts Festival

Posted: 28-Aug-2019

On Thursday 15 August, the College was proudly represented at the Oxfam School Concerts Festival by our Wind Ensemble and their teacher, Anne Rassool. 

The festival is held over eight nights in Terms 3 and 4 at the Box Hill Town Hall.  Schools view this festival as a great opportunity for their performing arts students to showcase their talents in a magnificent hall and at the same time support vital Oxfam programs. The concert items vary each night, with a mix of performances including choirs, orchestras, bands, dances and ensembles. 

Ensemble member Isabella Tsaketas described the experience as evoking a mix of emotions – all good ones! 

We practised and prepared our performance every Tuesday morning with the guidance of Ms Rassool and had a lot of fun learning our new and exciting pieces. The night of the Oxfam festival was really fun. We were joined by other schools and had the opportunity to listen to them as well. It was an amazing experience being able to watch other kids our age and younger show their passion for music and performance. 

When it was finally our turn we were slightly nervous but once we started playing all of the nerves went away. It was exciting being able to finally share the songs we had been working so hard on. Although we were sad when our performance was over, we were happy with how everything went. 

We were all very proud of ourselves and we hope that next year we will have the same opportunity to share our talents again. Minami, Alyssa and I would like to thank Ms Rassool for working so hard to lead our ensemble and also, importantly, to help with running and organising the festival.

Isabella Tsaketas AASE

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