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Socks for Soup!

Posted: 30-Aug-2019

On Tuesday 20 August, our VCAL students hosted an event called ‘Socks for Soup’. This project involved the VCAL class cooking soup and pasta for students who brought in socks, beanies and scarves to donate to the homeless.

From undertaking research and watching films, including ‘Filthy, Rich and Homeless’ and ‘The Oasis’, the class learnt a lot about homelessness, especially teenage homelessness, and about the many reasons why people become homeless, or are forced into rough sleeping and couch surfing. 

This then gave us the idea to put together an event called Socks for Soup, to raise awareness of how many people are cold and on the streets, and to help out by cooking pasta and soup to provide to the students in return for a pair of socks, beanie or scarf. 

At the end of the day, it was a great success! Over 150 people enjoyed our homemade soup and pasta, and there were three tubs overflowing with donations, which we were very grateful for. 

The VCAL class would like to thank every student, teacher and staff member who put forward a donation to our campaign. Every donation has been delivered to St Vincent De Paul, and handed out to the homeless at their soup van. We are delighted and proud that OLMC has donated bags and bags of warm socks, scarves and beanies to the people who really need them this winter. 

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