Student Leadership

Learning and Leadership

The Student Leadership program is coordinated by the Student Leadership Coordinator, Mr Dan Kelly. The program consists of:

  • A formal Student Leadership Program through which senior students are elected to a range of whole school or year level roles eg. School Captains, Faith and Justice Captains, House Captain, Middle and a Senior School Representative Council.


  • A Peer Support Program for Year 9 students who must apply and, if selected, are trained to lead small groups of Year 7 students in their transition to OLMC.


  • Social Justice Year Level representatives. These roles are for six months, thus enabling a number of students to have this experience each year.

There are also roles for students in leading sport teams or in leading some of the other voluntary activities in the College, such as book club. drama club, dance club and environmental programs.

We hope that through their experiences, students will develop an understanding of a Christian model of service that offers each student the opportunity to learn about themselves and others.




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