College Enrolment: Year 7 Selection Criteria

1.   Applicants who have or have had sisters attend the College

2.  Catholic applicants who have had a mother attend the College and who
     currently attend a Catholic primary school

3.  Catholic applicants who are residents of a designated Priority Parish 
      and attend a Catholic primary school (see below)

4.  Catholic applicants who are residents of a designated Priority Parish and
     have not attended a Catholic school

5. Catholic applicants from other parishes

6. Applicants from  Eastern Rite churches

7. Other Christian applicants 

8. All other applicants.


The Priority Parishes for Our Lady of Mercy College are:


      Primary school

Alphington/Thornbury East

     St Anthony's & Holy Spirit


     St Clement of Rome


     St Damian's


     St Gregory's


    Our Lady of the Pines

Greensborough North

     St Thomas's


     St Mary's


     St John's

Heidelberg West

     St Pius X


     Mary Immaculate, Mother of God & St Bernadette's


     Our Lady of the Way


     St Martin of Tours

Mill Park

     St Francis of Assisi


     St Francis of Xavier & Holy Trinity (North Eltham)


     St Kevin's & St Charles Borromeo


All applicants must return an Application form before the closing date stipulated by the Catholic Education Office. Forms are available on request from the College.
Late Applications may not be able to be considered.
Enrolment decisions are made by the Principal and the College reserves the right to exercise discretion in these decisions and to respond to pastoral needs.


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