About CapeStreet !

CapeStreet  is the College's bi-annual magazine.  It features semester news and highlights, including news from the Past Pupils' Association and the Parents' Association.

The name CapeStreet acknowledges the significance of ‘place’ to OLMC’s identity and community life.  The College entrance, the original school and convent of the Sisters of Mercy, St John's Parish, Maryland and now the Centenary Building all feature prominently in a street that is a major Heidelberg thoroughfare.  We are a school with a long and proud history in the local area and we continue to enriched by those who dwell within and around this precinct.

Recent Editions

Cape Street December 2019 Cape Street December 2019 (1616 KB)

Cape Street July 2019 Cape Street July 2019 (1585 KB)

Cape Street December 2018 Cape Street December 2018 (1777 KB)

Cape Street July 2018 Cape Street July 2018 (1405 KB)

Cape Street December 2017 Cape Street December 2017 (1801 KB)

Cape Street July 2017 Cape Street July 2017 (3399 KB)

Cape Street December 2016 Cape Street December 2016 (1600 KB)

Cape Street July 2016 Cape Street July 2016 (1703 KB)

CapeStreet December 2015 CapeStreet December 2015 (1674 KB)

CapeStreet July 2015 CapeStreet July 2015 (3017 KB)


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